Brian L. Belnap

Office: 801-528-9310 - Cell & Text: 801-814-4510
Fax: 801-340-0034

Along with my real estate investments, 
I was a Utah State Licensed 
Mortgage Broker for Envision Lending.


My Beloved Mother, Joy M. Belnap
November 11, 1932 - June 1, 2012

Beloved Brother Steven A Belnap
December 12, 1956 - May 7, 2013

walking now 
Eden Hospital
(My Birthplace)
to Liberty (My Home)
Liberty to Nauvoo Temple
Nauvoo to Sacred Grove to Joseph Smith Birthplace
786.25 miles
196.56 hours
100% Completed
1,276.84 miles
100% Completed
1,181.20 miles
Dec 25, 2012 - Apr 23, 11 to Dec 29, 11 Jan 1, 12 to Dec 23, 12
  251 Days
hours 54 min 46 sec
LDS Audio 412:54:46
358 Days
hours 7 min 11 sec
LDS Audio 299:07:11
Total GOAL all 3 Trails
3,244.29 miles
908 + hours
Total COMPLETED as of
975 Days
2,855.74 miles
811 hours 30 min 58 sec
445,713 Calories Burned
476,852' Vertical Climb
Come on, walk with me.

Born in California   Birthday March 12

Brian L. Belnap has experience in:

Paper boy for the Salt Lake Tribune morning paper
Shined shoes at Cellar Barbers
Owned A-1 Stripping Co., (painting parking lots)
Fuller Brush salesman door to door
Janitor for 2650 Washington Blvd.
(20,000 sq. foot office building)
Worked at Action Auto Parts & drove Jeeps from
Nebraska to Utah (mostly to get out of school)

Mortgage lending industry since 1974. 
Started his career with US Mortgage Co.,
from photographer to Vice President,
and Mortgage Computer until December 2002. 
Performed many functions form sales 
and marketing to other management roles. 
Traveled the 50 United States & Puerto Rico. 
Senior Vice President for over ten years.


Served in the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission
from May 10, 1979 to June 13, 1981. 

Education: Weber State University   

Wife's name is Karen.  We married in the Ogden Temple.

Anniversary October 14

Pilot of small aircraft. 
Soloed after just two flights.
Flown 3 different models of small planes. 
Solo cross country in a Piper from Ogden, Utah, 
then to Idaho Falls, Idaho, 
then to Burley, Idaho, 
and back to Ogden, Utah. 
Adopted fourth child June 2000.

A Foster parent for four children, 
adopted two of them. 
We loved them all. 
So could you.


1999-2002 WebAwards Design Judge Award
(The Web Marketing Association)

My Favorite City
My Favorite Street
My Favorite Pizza
MY Favorite new toys

A Favorite Restaurant in Ogden
A Favorite Restaurant in Chicago
A Favorite Restaurant in Memphis

A Favorite Painting that hangs in my house

Favorite Broadway Show

Go see this show.

See one of my horses
and the view from my front yard. 

See the results of my horse accident (Warning! x-ray picture)

See Belnap Family Crest 

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