Joy McArthur Belnap  

Funeral Service June 7, 2012
Weber Heights Stake Center / Forest Green Ward
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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CD1-1 - Prelude Sharyl W. Tucker 3:05
CD1-2 Conducting Brother G. Stephen Blodgett 0:59
CD1-3 Opening Hymn 5:32
CD1-4 Invocation David A,. Pine & Conducting Brother Blodgett 2:29
CD1-5 Obituary - Michael B. Belnap 3:19
CD1-6 Steven A Belnap (read by David G. Belnap) Brian L. Belnap 17:03
CD1-7 Musical Number by Forest Green Ward Relief Society 4:22
CD1-8 Brent J. Belnap 18:50
CD1-9 Musical Number by Grandkids 4:50
CD2-1 Brother Blodgett, Elder Jeffery E. Olson 24:14
CD2-2 Closing Hymn 4:17
CD2-3 Benediction David R. Goff 1:32
CD2-4 Postlude Sharyl W. Tucker 0:45

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