Brian's Treadmill Trails
Walk & Listen to the Standard Works of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
walking now 
Eden Hospital
(My Birthplace)
to Liberty (My Home)
Liberty to Nauvoo Temple
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Nauvoo to Sacred Grove to Joseph Smith Birthplace
786.25 miles
196 hours
100% Completed
1,276.84 miles
100% Completed
1,181.20 miles
Dec 25, 2012 - Apr 23, 11 to Dec 29, 11 Jan 1, 12 to Dec 23, 12
  251 Days
hours 54 min 46 sec
LDS Audio 412:54:46
358 Days
hours 7 min 11 sec
 LDS Audio 299:07:11
Total GOAL all 3 Trails
3,244.29 miles
908 + hours
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Total COMPLETED as of
975 Days
2,855.74 miles
811 hours 30 min 58 sec
445,713 Calories Burned
476,852' Vertical Climb
If Brian can do it, (we didn't think he could either, but he is)
YOU can do it. Step by step, minute by minute.
Come on, walk with me.

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Each day's walk recorded, time, distance, climb, burn.

Why did you publish this online?  So I could not quit.  Committed to the end.
Comment Area:

Hey, this is great.  Perhaps I should join you, but count miles
biked rather than on treadmill.  - Brent (New York City)

So simple and yet look what you have done in a short time. - C.

Yes, I know many of you have or will laugh at my weak attempt. 
Many can run and read in days what I take all month to do.
I know this is no great athletic event. It is simply a walk, no running.
I will prove to myself & others that we do not need to be runners
to get to Nauvoo or an expert of the scriptures to study all the works,
however, we all can
I will improve my knowledge & understanding
with over
412 hours of uplifting words of wisdom
and we all know that will not hurt me. 
Yes this is slow, long, however, I am moving forward.
Try your own idea, like my treadmill trail to the Nauvoo Temple
and enjoy the rewards.  - Brian

Where are you going to walk to after you get to Nauvoo? - Melissa

Melissa asked this question and I had not thought of where I will walk to next.  I still have to get to Nauvoo first.  Melissa said how about walk to your mission (Philadelphia) when I had a very clear thought, I need to go to the Sacred Grove, where it all started.  I love the Sacred Grove so I will walk there next.

I say your treadmill trail while looking at your web page and did not know what the Nauvoo Temple was so I looked it up and found that the first Mormon Temple is in Ohio, you doing there as well?  Maybe I can use your example and jog to my favorite place, Pine Island, Florida.  - Jeremy (Missouri)

I have never read any of the scriptures completely through before
and you will listen to them ALL in the next few months, amazing.
I might have to get a treadmill and catch you.  - R

I started to lose some weight and I am reading the
Book of Mormon again, your trail motivated me. - Barry

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