Weber/Davis/Morgan/Box Elder


Club Rules: 
Never Rip Off another Investor
and Never Rip Off a Seller.
Break either rule and we are done.


We are a small group of CASH FLOW investors working in these four counties in Utah.  A few of us own property outside of these four but this is our main focus.

Since we started the Club in 2005 we were meeting monthly then in 2009 we started meeting WEEKLY and in 2011, like today we meet and talk WEEKLY/DAILY share information, ideas, contacts, legal issues, and review materials and ideas, to help improve the quality for us all.

We have a huge real estate training library worth over $100,000.  We enjoy listen to CD's and watching DVD's and learn everyday.  We Listen, relax, share, sell and buy homes with each other, We make Money.

We listen and watch the following: 

Napoleon Hill, Steve Chandler
Tom Hopkins, Denis Waitley
W. Stone,
 Mark Hansen
John Alexander, Bryan Ellis
Robert Irwin, Ron Legrand
Mike Summey, John Burley
Sandy Botkin, Tom Lundstedt
Loral Langemeier, William Bronchick
Robert Allen, George Antone
Alan Cowgill,
Carleton Sheets
Charles Carlson, Keith Cunningham
 Dan Kennedy, David Bach
Dolf de Roos, Donald Trump
Edwin Bliss, David Allen
Paul Pilzer, Jay Abraham
John Cummuta, Lester Thurow
Marc Allen, Mark Fisher
Mark Fridson, Robert Kiyosaki
Ric Edleman,  Ken McElroy
Roger Dawson, Bob Proctor
Rhonda Byrne, Wallace Wattles
Jim Jorgensen, Dave Ramsey
Robert Anthony, Kevin Trudeau
Garrett Sutton, Brian Tracy
 Lee Iacocca, Paul Lerman
Terry Lonier, Anthony Robbins
Larry H Miller, Jack Canfield
Thomas Stanley, Charles Schwab
AD Kessler, Wayne Dyer
Dale Carnegie, Suze Orman
Bill Gates, John Powers
Jack Welch, Michael Gerber
Michael Staver, Alan Deutschman
George Patton, Coach John Wooden
and a few others.

Would you like to listen to these great people?  Join the Club!

Plan to share and be rewarded with excellent information and
fantastic working relationships with other investors in our area.

Members receive leads on
homes, renters, buyers, sellers, and best of all the

Our goal is to improve our abilities and all become better and more profitable investors.

Come share your talents, abilities,
and work with other like minded investors.

Applications will be taken for membership. 
Must be a Real Estate Investor or learning to be one

We do not want other agendas or selling of services. 
This is for training and buying homes,
Monthly fee to cover room rental, media costs and handouts
during is only $200* per month.
You can attend club daily 10am to 5pm.

* Club fees may change and can be free, see if you qualify.

Club location will be changing soon to accommodate more people.
We will remain in downtown Ogden, more info coming soon.

We guarantee you will receive more than the
monthly cost or next month is FREE.

Most asked question?  Why not at night like other clubs?
  We should be buying a home, selling/renting a home, or be in our own home in the evenings.  That is prime time for investing or families. 
 Investing for your family or being with your family is prime time.
Training is not prime time.

We Buy Homes

Billboard now owned by Investor Club.


Be part of the club and share the leads.

Contact Information:

Brian L. Belnap
Evergreen Solutions, LLC.

2651 Washington Blvd. Suite 10

Ogden, Utah 84401

Office: 801-528-9310
Cell & Text: 801-814-4510
Fax: 801-340-0034

BANNED from our club for defaulting on a assignment, hurting the seller of a home and non payment  of the agreed assignment fee or other funds due.  Copies of all this will be made available upon request.

Tony Crockett & Brandon Jorgensen 
(both SLC Firemen)
Sell Any Home, Brigham City, Utah

Aaron Martinez, Ogden, Utah

Stephen M Beckstead, Bountiful, Utah

Ginger Williams, Smithfield, UT
(Tremonton, UT, Elberta, UT, Absarokee, Montana)

Kathy and John Hansen, J & K Family Investments

Jason Bryan Brandley  (UPS Driver) & Sean Brandley, B2Trifecta, LLC

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