Huntsville Utah Stake Information Center
Area Plan Implementation 2017

To Live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, We Will:
  • Assign sacrament meeting topics that will encourage stake members to live a Christ like life.
  • Emphasize Music/Hymns as prominent part of Sacrament worship.
  • Challenge members to make Book of Mormon study a key part of their everyday life.
  • Emphasize honoring the Sabbath day.
  • Teach and encourage teaching “In the Savior’s Way.”
  • Promote area published service opportunities.
To Gather Israel Through Missionary Work, We Will:
  • Scripture mentor someone.
  • Attend and invite others to Brother Lund’s and Brother Hedge’s gospel study classes.
  • Help wards by following up on the “Top 5” individuals to contact and teach monthly.
  • Work with Elders Quorums by spearheading presidency meetings and weekly visits to their people.
  • Participate in missionary work by providing at least one person for the missionaries to teach and help to integrate the missionary work by building.
  • Encourage all youth 16 and above to attend missionary preparation class.
To Care for the Poor and the Needy, We Will:
  • Provide quarterly ward service projects coordinated with the whole neighborhood.
  • Teach the Law of the Fast (Fast Offerings and other offerings)
  • Identify needs through home teaching.
  • Teach provident living.
  • Teach appropriate use of social media to coordinate welfare and service needs.
Salvation of the Dead, We Will:
  • Encourage monthly ward temple nights and groups of people doing regular scheduled temple service.
  • Help wards track and meet with endowed members without current temple recommends.
  • Involve youth through callings in indexing, family history consultants and encouraging family temple trips.
  • Challenge each member of the stake to find a family name and take or have that name taken through the temple. Continue to notify the members to use the credenza at the temple for names.
  • Have people share their successes in this great work.
Individual and Families- Individual and families (in family councils) may ask themselves:
  • What should I do to develop stronger faith?
  • How should I participate more fully in the work of salvation?
  • What should we do in our family to become better followers of Jesus Christ?

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